2 Ways of Drawing Floor Plans

Visualizing images inside of your mind will be futile without realization. That act of realization can be poured in the form of floor plans. In any step of home design, floor planning is one of the most basic and simplest ways to depict the whole imaginary of a home that we plan to build. Drawing floor plans are the structural step that will make the construction process be immaculate and impeccable.

drawing floor plans app

drawing floor plans app

For the drawing process, there are actually two ways of the execution. Initially, it is the manual drawing. Lastly, it involves the automatic drawing. Well, the manual drawing is depicted as the most preferable one because it strengthen the natural sense and indicate high level capability of the designer. Manual drawing is also referred as a piece of art. And it is highly valued by those who put art as the most predominant part of design.

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Drawing floor plans

drawing floor plans with sketchup

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drawing floor plans online

drawing floor plans online free

drawing floor plans on mac

drawing floor plans on graph paper

drawing floor plans on autocad

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drawing floor plans by hand

drawing floor plans app


Meanwhile, in the globalization era, where everyone in distant range will seems connected and close, computer based drawing floor plansbecome inevitable. A lot of designer would prefer this advancement because it provides simplicity, more variation and limitless possibility. By that ability, it will then generate time-efficiency and magnificent result as well as the ability to be sent all over the world. Yet, the deficiency of this way is the high opportunity of plagiarism.