La Hacienda Floor Plans: Romantic Houses, Spanish Style

As well as many house designs in the history of mankind, this particular home design have an inextricable ties with the story of early Spanish colonies. With unique style and beautifully crafted design of a house, hacienda floor plans are influenced by many cultures, such as Mediterranean cultures and Moorish cultures that immensely influential for those old homes resided in the old country. These unique houses capable of evoking memories are sometimes called by other litany of names, with Spanish Eclectic houses being one of the most popular terms, in honor of the diverse background and culture influencing the style of the house.

archstone hacienda floor plans

archstone hacienda floor plans

These kind of houses are appealing and just seem like a natural choice of home in ocean-side and tropical settings, as well as the desert southwest. These hacienda floor plans are quite notable and popular in places such as Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Florida, and California. However, this style’s elements and attributes can be found in probably all over the country.

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Lively and expressive in nature, this kind of house is emphasizing its design mainly in the fact that a house should be able to provide the tenants with comfortable and relaxed gathering places. With thick masonry walls that are coated in stucco along with the roofs that has bright colored tiles to keep the interior of the house always cool, this kind of house design will most likely be arranged as a courtyard-centric house, where rows of shades are capable of blocking the exposure of the hot sunlight. In addition, Spanish-styled houses usually feature romantic balcony and fancily designed columns that are quite flashy in nature.