wicanders cork flooring

Cork Flooring – Cork has many green features. Material obtained by removing most of the outer skin of the cork oak tree. The usual harvest or reciprocating harm the tree, and the bark grows back, which will be stripped of all nine years. Trees live for 200 years or more, and forests, and called Montados, […]

what is frieze carpet

Frieze Carpet is kind of cut pile carpet made ​​of twisted fibers. Individual fibers in the carpet create the appearance of non-formal net that hides a multitude of sins a bit. For this reason, this type of carpet is sometimes recommended for high traffic areas, as well as fingerprints and dirt will not show up […]

rubber kitchen flooring options

Kitchen Flooring Options – The kitchen floor and simple choice to decide between tile and linoleum. While the two-story traditional favorites still have their fans, and now there are more choices than ever before. And that’s before settling on one of the “classic”, be sure to consider options for the kitchen, your floor. Many homeowners […]

white shag carpet

Shag Carpet or shaggy carpet hair name is derived from their “messy” appearance, the fabric appears tangled. Used in the manufacture of thick carpet, shag carpeting has recently gained popularity for a loan feel very soft and gives each room a very comfortable touch. Hallmark for shag carpet is spinning long fibers attached to the […]

what is terrazzo flooring

Terrazzo Flooring – Pour batter over prepared concrete, where it then spread and worked constantly with rollers and trowels. Furthermore, the total additional hands proliferation and out. Once this has been established a base layer of course, it is smoothed and polished with a heavy duty grinder. After that is the use of a thin […]