granny flat floor plans 1 bedroom

The flat rent business is always good, especially in those busy cities! No wonder, many people also try to build flats for granny, those old women that don’t want to live with their kids and also doesn’t want to live in retirement house. Because of that, if you want consider to put some investment in […]

craftsman bungalow floor plans

There are different styles that people may choose. If you hate the common look for the floor, it will be the best time to try the craftsman floor idea. You will be speechless to learn that the option is quite wide out there. You need to consider few things before browsing for craftsman floor plans. […]

1969 airstream floor plans

For people with adventurous personality, an airstream is as good as a house. By having an airstream around, they can go to almost everywhere in this world, but with the lifestyles of people with a house. No wonder, many people that want to buy this thing, especially those people which age is not that young […]

simple floor plans 2 bedroom

Costly home upgrade may come for different reason. When you want to add the second or any extra floors, the overall existing structure will be the common question. If the foundation is not strong enough, the new extension will only add the risk for the whole building collapse. Natural disaster such as earth quake will […]

elementary school floor plans

As one of the important institutions in the world, many nations try to increase their school numbers. There are some large schools and also small schools as well. In this article, we want to share to you some tips about school floor plans, especially about how to build an efficient school in a narrow land. […]