modern contemporary floor plans

Suitable with the concept of contemporary home style, contemporary floor plans also feature flexible space for the floor, open, minimalist and simple not to mention clean lines and sophisticated. The touch of modern will be taken from the materials which are mixed industrial. For dynamic and modern people, this plan is favored to take because […]

Restaurant Kitchen Designs

When we have limited space for kitchen, small kitchen floor plans is the solution to solve the space problem and we can have kitchen as effective as possible. In configuring floor plans for small kitchen, consider first about the width of the space and the frequency of kitchen activities. Besides that, think also about whether […]

yankee barn homes floor plans

Barn home style is one of great home design and has own fans which always favored this style. Many sources are available for getting barn homes floor plans and configuring some features for the plan itself. Barn home is good for living quarter since it can provide comfortable place to the occupants and it can […]

winnebago motorhome floor plans

Some people consider having motorhome where they can have nomadic living. The complete features which are available in the floor plans sometimes make this dwelling worth having. Many motorhome floor plans provide features based on the class from C to A, from less features to the exclusive and luxury ones. The moving home is great […]

yurt homes floor plans

The yurt floor plans are a unique idea for a dwelling because it has different shape from the usual house. Basically, it has circle foundation and the room partition will be separated based on the circle shapes and every part will be constructed based on the circle. Adapting the yurt or the Mongol tent, the […]