blackbutt timber flooring

Timber Flooring – There was a time when it was easy to decide what type of wood flooring for your home use. You only have two choices: solid wood or wood parquet flooring. It starting terminology such as “engineered wood flooring” and “wood laminate flooring,” making their appearance. In all, Timber Flooring consists of four […]

blueprint floor plans for homes

In every project, blueprints are the grand-design. It is the prior determinant of how the project will be executed. That is the reason it becomes an obligation for any home planning. Planning is like the foundation of a construction if you resemble it toward house building. It is also identical to the frame of a […]

low profile raised access flooring

Raised Flooring is often used in data centers which elevate the floor so that they can run the cable under the floor panels easily lift. Several houses were also sold with integral heating and cooling systems under raised floors. It is not only more efficient, but it becomes easier to serve the guests of this […]

best hair salon floor plans

When you are starting a business or opening a shop, then the key of success is how far you are able to attract consumers’ eagerness to visit it. One element that will sustain this aim is the physical look of your shop. Hair salon is one of art product that possesses high chance of physical […]

drawing floor plans app

Visualizing images inside of your mind will be futile without realization. That act of realization can be poured in the form of floor plans. In any step of home design, floor planning is one of the most basic and simplest ways to depict the whole imaginary of a home that we plan to build. Drawing […]