best townhome floor plans

Due to the confined space of home building, this mostly-known-as-multi-family home is one of the most predominant styles of a house recently. With lined structuring of each house in a row and multiple levels for each with just one concrete barrier for each home, townhome is indeed a proper solution in todays’ era, especially when […]

1 bed 1 bath apartment floor plans

In the great advancement of industrial and company based development, where career has evolved to be one prior indicator of human’s life, the growth number of apartment building is going concomitant with this development as well. As more people set career as the first priority which demand for more independency and lack of recognition of […]

brazilian tiger wood flooring

Tiger wood flooring – Pronounced color scheme is the panel for striking Tiger wood chocolaty cream and chocolate brown, crossed with yellow and burnt orange. Highlights of this composition and harmony with bold lines run along the narrow, tight grain in broad strokes of black-brown color. Because, wood flooring tiger wood sophisticated luxury beauty popular […]

floor plans for homes

Floor is one essential part of a home aesthetic. As it is the place where the residents will step on their feet, it will also render such particular booster toward the grand design planning of a home. There are a lot of great and spectacular plans that we can refer to as building a home […]

parkay wood flooring

Parkay Flooring – Has become a popular method of floor in France in 1600 as an alternative to marble floors and then became features of homes and businesses since then. It has been popular all the time because of its beauty and versatility to adapt to any situation. Parkay floors are made of blocks of […]