tub shower doors glass frameless

Bath Shower Doors Glass Frameless has a modern and stylish shower enclosure on the side. Smooth the appearance of glass without very attractive for many homeowners and potential buyers skeleton. In addition, the glass doors last longer and can be more convenient than the traditional shower curtain, which is susceptible to mold and mildew growth […]

teak parquet flooring

Parquet Flooring – Spend some time on the wooden floor and retailers in the offensive line will find you permanent: in “3.5 bar hardwood floors, oak, cherry, bamboo, birch, beech, and so somewhere in the back, and a wooden parquet floor will hide. Wood parquet glance The only solid hardwood flooring is as easy to […]

offset corner bath shower screen

Corner Bath Shower Screen – Large shower smaller angle, with the features and designs to utilize even in the most of the space. With a group of semi-rimless and rimless shower cubicle designs available and they can keep your bathroom looks very elegant! While most of the bathroom located in the corner of the bathroom, […]

Wall Mounted Bath Shower Mixer

Wall Mounted Bath Shower Mixer – Someone asked me the other day what the defect of basin mixer wall. For a second or so, I just cannot understand why the question came, I mean, if it fits your lifestyle and fit. But after sleeping more than there are some things to consider. Advantages and disadvantages […]

rubber flooring

Rubber Flooring – Rubber flooring in commercial settings such as a gym audit, hospitals, and even buses. But have you ever thought to put a rubber floor in your house? Some homeowners do just that, and found, in addition to being flexible, rubber floor is a solid choice as well. In which it appears The […]