School Floor Plans: How to Build an Efficient School

As one of the important institutions in the world, many nations try to increase their school numbers. There are some large schools and also small schools as well. In this article, we want to share to you some tips about school floor plans, especially about how to build an efficient school in a narrow land.

elementary school floor plans

elementary school floor plans

The first rule from these school floor plans is, you only can build a playground (school for kids from 2-4 years old), in the narrow land. This rule based from the fact that a playground maybe only has 35-50 kids as their students every year. Based from this, at least that school has three classrooms, one large room for boys’ toilets, one large room for girls’ toilets, and also one room that consist of one headmaster room and teacher room. It seems too much in one place, but it is efficient.

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elementary school floor plans


Another way from our school floor plans in order to create the efficient school is based from its energy usage. You may install some cell-panel on the school’s roof to give free energy of electricity for the school. Besides that, try to put many windows in all rooms, so all the rooms will get many lights, and need low electricity from morning time until day time. With this design, your school can gain so much benefit, especially about the cost of electricity. Many windows also increase the cycle of air movement in all rooms, which is good.