Taking Victorian Style for a Home

There are different home styles that you can choose. If you aim for something classic, Victorian home style is worth your attention. You will bring back the late 19th century taste. Basically this style will let your home to have two stories or more.  The turrets and attic dormer will be the common setup for the third floor. The unique roofline will be the other details that enhance the style further.

classic victorian home floor plans

classic victorian home floor plans

There are more than enough victorian home floor plans that you can choose. If you aim for the basic and classic setup, the museum and history books may give you the clue. It is also worth to make a visit on any historic building with Victorian style applied. There are two options that you have to give your home the right detail. The first is buying the Victorian house part from the original one. The second is having the replica works for the home.

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No matter what you choose, an ideal Victorian house is always having 3 floors. You can also take the wood as the main material for the structure support, the wall and flooring details. Be sure to pick the wood with the right hardness level. It will give your home better support and reasonable difficulty for the building.